Year: 1992
VIN: 201-92-52
Model: Evo 2
Driver: Kurt Thiim
Team Zakspeed, Diebels Alt
Built in 1992 and raced by Kurt Thiim during the season.

In 1993 due to short time, Zakspeed converted this car to Klasse 1 with the help from AMG. We have found out that actually 3 Klasse 1 cars was used by Zakspeed, a rare photo from the race at Singen shows van Ommen in a Klasse 1 T-car, pictures of a destroyed K1 are also in existence. Perhaps this car was used as t-car after a third Klasse 1 was built by Zakspeed?

In 1994 it was painted red in Old Spice livery, driven by Sandy Grau. My sources however points to that 3 K1 cars was used by Grau. We know that one caught fire, 93-58 or 93-59, the latter one is however the only K1 we dont know if its in existence anymore.

It was later painted blue. Its currently undergoing restoration.

This was the first Klasse 1 car built by Zakspeed just in time for the first race of the season. Zakspeeds second driver, Jörg van Ommen didnt get his new car until late April.

Only three drivers received Klasse 1 cars from the beginning of the season, Klaus Ludwigs AMG Berlin 2000, Bernd Schneiders AMG Sonax and of course Kurt Thiims Zakspeed Diebels Alt.


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