Year: 1991
VIN: 201-91-39
Model: Evo 2
Driver: Ellen Lohr
Team AMG, West
Ellen Lohr first raced this car in 1991, im pretty sure she used an earlier car in the first races, but so far i havent found any proof it.

In 1992 it was used as t-car to both Lohr and Rosberg.

I have information that Thomas Ballin raced this car from 1998-2002, i was then sold to a man in Hannover, Jürgen Meyer. It was advertised on for 49.900 Euro, the actual figure it was sold for is unknown. He raced it at least once in the Divinol Cup.

It was sold to Hans-Rüdiger Kilb in 2005, he raced it the same year in the Divnol Cup, hes still the current owner, but nowadays its mostly used for track days.


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DTM 1991
DTM 1992
Thomas Ballin 1998-2003
Rudiger Kilb 2005-