Year: 1989
VIN: 201-89-12
Model: Evo 1
Driver: Kurt Thiim
Team AMG, Königs-Pilsener
Deliverd to Kurt Thiim in time for the race at the Nordschleife on the 17th of June 1989.

In 1990 it was used by Fritz Kreutzpointner after his first Evo 1 burned at Hockenheim. The year after in 1992 as probably both t-car and show-car for the AMG west team, and finally as show-car for the Berlin 2000 team in 1992.

Last used in 1992 it came to Belgium, to two brothers who owned a Mercedes dealer ship.

Anders Dahlgren imported this car to Sweden in the 90s. It was sold in 1999 to Tony Bryntesson of Sweden.

In 1999 it was bought, as already mentioned by Tony Bryntesson and raced in the ETAB Data Cup, due to regulations the original 2.5-16v engine was removed and replaced with a highly tuned Mercedes 2.3-8v engine.

In 2003 Henrik Rosegren bought this car and has made a very thorough work of restoring it.

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Evo 2

19??-1999 Anders Dahlgren
1999-2003 Tony Bryntesson
2003- Acquired by Henrik Rosengren

Race Calendar
COMING SOON! The Race Calendar is a chronological listing of all races a particular car was entered to. If a race is missing that car was not entered or there is no data available.
Date Race Track Driver T-Car
1990-04-01 1-2 Zolder* Yes
1990-04-08 3-4 Hockenheim Yes
1990-04-22 5-6 Nürburgring Fritz Kreutzpointner No
1990-05-06 7-8 Avus/Berlin Fritz Kreutzpointner No
1990-05-20 9-10 Mainz-Finthen Fritz Kreutzpointner No
1990-06-03 11-12 Wunstorf Fritz Kreutzpointner No
1990-06-16 13-14 Nürburgring-Nordschleife Fritz Kreutzpointner No
1990-07-01 15-16 Norisring/Nürnberg Fritz Kreutzpointner No
1990-08-05 17-18 Diepholz Fritz Kreutzpointner No
1990-09-02 19-20 Nürburgring Fritz Kreutzpointner No
1990-10-14 21-22 Hockenheim Fritz Kreutzpointner No
1990-11-18 Kyalami* Fritz Kreutzpointner No
* indicates that this was the first and last race of the season that a car was entered in.

DTM 1990
DTM 1991
Tony Bryntesson 1999-2003
Henrik Rosengren