Year: 1992
VIN: 201-92-50
Model: Evo 2
Driver: Keke Rosberg
Team AMG, Berlin 2000
Used by Keke Rosberg from around mid-season 1992 until the season finale at Hockenheim.

Before the start of the 1993 season, this car was converted to Klasse 1A specs, and deliverd to Klaus Ludwig before the season premiere at Zolder in April 1993.

Before the Nürburgring race in June, Ellen Lohrs old banged up Evo was replaced with this Klasse 1. She used it for three races before being replaced with a 1993 Klasse 1.

Various sources suggest that this car was broken up for spares to keep the other cars running.

Detailed chassis information regarding this vehicle has been provided by
Herr Bernd Ramler

Race Calendar
COMING SOON! The Race Calendar is a chronological listing of all races a particular car was entered to. If a race is missing that car was not entered or there is no data available.
Date Race Track Driver T-Car
1992-06-28 13-14 Norisring/Nürnberg* Keke Rosberg No
1992-07-12 15-16 Brünn Keke Rosberg No
1992-08-16 17-18 Diepholz Keke Rosberg No
1992-09-06 19-20 Allemannenring/Singen Keke Rosberg No
1992-09-20 21-22 Nürburgring Keke Rosberg No
1992-10-11 23-24 Hockenheim* Keke Rosberg No
1993-04-04 1-2 Zolder* Klaus Ludwig No
1993-04-18 3-4 Hockenheim Klaus Ludwig No
1993-05-16 7-8 Wunstorf Klaus Ludwig No
1993-06-10 9-10 Nürburgring Nordschleife Ellen Lohr No
1993-06-27 11-12 Norisring Ellen Lohr No
1993-07-16 13-14 Donnington Park* Ellen Lohr No
* indicates that this was the first and last race of the season that a car was entered in.
Detailed race-information has been provided by Herr Bernd Ramler