Year: 1991
VIN: 201-91-27
Model: Evo 2
Driver: Fabien Giroix
Team Zakspeed, Debis
At least used as T-car to Giroix in the following races in 1991:

31/3 - Zolder 18/4 - Nürburging

This car came to Sweden in 97 or 98, and was bought by Torbjörn Holmstedt, founder of the software company Etab Data. Torbjörn raced himself in 1998, but in 1999, Magnus Karlsson raced it. Torbjörn however was still the owner.

According to local source, this car still wore the Debis livery when it arrived in Sweden, but was stripped of all decals. In 1999 it was painted yellow

In 2000 Mich Tuning aquired this car, and raced by Dane Jonas Nielsen, in late 2000 or 2001 it was converted to Klasse 1 and raced it in the STT series.

2002, German hill-climb ace, Marcus Wüstefeld bought it. He have raced it very succesfully in European events.

In 2010 Marcus re-painted the car in 1993 Sonax style livery.


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Torbjörn Holmstedt 1997-2000
Jonas Nielsen 2000-2001
Marcus Wüstefeld 2002-