Year: 1989
VIN: 201-89-14
Model: Evo 1
Driver: Thomas Winkelhock
Team AMG, Kärcher
Built in 1989, but didn't receive its Wagenpass before late March 1990. As 89-15 this car also feature the very special kind of roll-cage with the tilted main beam

Built by AMG, it first saw action in the season premier at Zolder, driven by Thomas Winkelhock, who was later replaced by Karl Wendlinger, who was replaced by Rob Gravett at the Nürburgring on the 2:nd of September. Wendlinger did however return for the season finale at Hockenheim.

On the 18:th of November, AMG Kärcher sent all three of their cars to the South-African invitational race at Kyalami. Karl Wendlinger drove this car, but shared it with Ellen Lohr

In 1991, it was used as t-car for a few of the first races for the Snobeck team.

In at least 1997 and early 1998 it was raced by Alexander Hin in german Hillclimbing events. It most likely sold later that year, when Hin switched to Opel. The Klasse 1 conversion was probaly made earlier then 1997.

This car is now owned by Herr Rainer Sonderbauer, he bought it from Austria, not sure in which year though. Its a strange combination of Evo 2 and Klasse 1 parts in Berlin 2000 livery, hopefully it will be restored in its original Kärcher livery.


Race Calendar
COMING SOON! The Race Calendar is a chronological listing of all races a particular car was entered to. If a race is missing that car was not entered or there is no data available.
Date Race Track Driver T-Car
1990-04-01 1-2 Zolder* Thomas Winkelhock No
1990-04-08 3-4 Hockenheim Thomas Winkelhock No
1990-04-22 5-6 Nürburgring Thomas Winkelhock No
1990-05-06 7-8 Avus/Berlin Thomas Winkelhock No
1990-05-20 9-10 Mainz-Finthen Thomas Winkelhock No
1990-06-03 11-12 Wunstorf Thomas Winkelhock No
1990-07-01 15-16 Norisring/Nürnberg Karl Wendlinger No
1990-08-05 17-18 Diepholz Karl Wendlinger No
1990-09-02 19-20 Nürburgring Karl Wendlinger No
1990-10-14 21-22 Hockenheim Robb Gravett No
1990-11-18 Kyalami* Karl Wendlinger No
1991-03-31 1-2 Zolder* Alain Cudini No
1991-04-14 3-4 Hockenheim Yes
1991-04-21 5-6 Nürburgring Yes
1991-05-05 7-8 Avus/Berlin* Yes
* indicates that this was the first and last race of the season that a car was entered in.

DTM 1990
DTM 1991
Alexander Hin 1997-1998
Rainer Sonderbauer