Year: 1989
Model: Evo 1
Team ,
This car is a bit special, the earliest information regarding this car that i have come across is its appearence in the Invitational Race at Kylamai, South-Africa on the 18:th of November 1990.

It was a protoype vehicle, and the first in DTM with ABS-braking. But the most interesting part about this car is its history before Kyalami.

If one looks closely at the pictures of the car, you will see that it has the Snobeck roll-cage design, and according to one article in the german motorsport magazine Rallye Racing, it its said to been foiled in yellow and not painted.

You can see that the vents in the c-pillars are still black, and the interior is silver, just like the 1990 Snobeck cars.

Jochen Mass actually drove a similiar car, but it was orignally white underneath the yellow foil, and have the same rollcage design as the MS-Jet cars.

This car has been in storage at Mercedes Classic Center in Fellbach probably since the start in 1993, but it has been taken out of storage for certain events in the past years, for example in 2003, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Classic Center


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Invitational at Kyalami 1990
Classic Center Fellbach 1993-