Year: 1990
VIN: 201-90-19
Model: Evo 2
Driver: Jörg van Ommen
Team MS-Jet, Jet
According to STT, this car was driven by Jörg van Ommen and should be according to the chassis-number a 1990 model. It was probably delivered to MS-Racing at the end of the 1990 season. It is different from the other MS cars of this area. For one instance the chassis number which looks lika an AMG number. MS car had MSXXXX stamped.

Gert Rasmussen acquired this car for the 1993 season of the Special Saloon series. He used until the end of 1994. It later ended up in Hungary and then back to Germany where it currently is undergoing restoration.

Rasmussen got a new car for the 1995 season. It is very simliar but its a 1991 car.


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Gert M. Rasmussen 1993-1994
Zengo Zoltan 2001