Year: 1993
VIN: 201-93-58
Model: Klasse 1
Driver: Bernd Schneider
Team AMG, Sonax
Deliverd to Bernd Schneider in early August 1993, this should be his third car. His two first Klasse 1s was based on 1992 Evo 2s.

In 1994 it was used by Sandy Grau for the Zakspeed Junior team. But only for the last race at Hockenheim.

Norbert Brenner acquired this car in 1996 and used it in Hill-climbing it was sold to Werner Olijnyk in 1999 and he owned for 1-2 years. It was then sold to Zengo Zoltan in Hungary

Zoltan raced it for a year or so but seem to have both problems with destroyed engines and also he crashed it once. He sold it back to Brenner.

Brenner bought the car back from Zoltan and raced until 2006 when it was sold again.

In 2006 it was sold to Roland Kofler and he raced it until 2006 in the Austrian Histo cup.

It´s now owned by Ralf Heisig, and it has been restored to its 1993 Sonax color scheme.

Detailed chassis information regarding this vehicle has been provided by
Herr Bernd Ramler

Race Calendar
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Date Race Track Driver T-Car
1993-08-08 13-14 Diepholz* Bernd Schneider No
1993-09-12 17-18 Berlin Bernd Schneider No
1993-09-19 19-20 Hockenheim Bernd Schneider No
* indicates that this was the first and last race of the season that a car was entered in.
Detailed race-information has been provided by Herr Bernd Ramler

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Roland Kofler 2006
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