Year: 1989
VIN: S000021
Model: Evo 1
Team Snobeck, AEG
Built in 1989 by the Snobeck team, and probably raced in the 1989 season.

Norbert Brenner acquired this car in 1992 and raced it in hillclimbing events. It was most probably sold in 1995, probably to Werner Olijnyk.

Herr Olijnyk repainted it in yellow, he sold it to Markus Wüstefeld in 1998.

Herr Wüstefeld raced it in hillclimbing events until 2001, when it was again sold.

It looks like this car was sold to Spain in 2001, it was at least raced from 2003-2005 by Candelaria Perez.

In 2006 it was sold to Santiago Padilla.

It's currently for sale (2012-06-22) for €225 000.


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Norbert Brenner 1992
Werner Olijnyk 1995-1998
Markus Wüstefeld 1998-2001
Candelaria Perez 2003-2006
Santiago Padilla 2006-