Year: 1989
Model: Evo 1
Driver: Jörg van Ommen
Team RSM Marko, Star
This car is a bit special, it was only put into action two times. First race was at the Nürburgring Nordschleife on the 17th of June 1989. van Ommen finished 13th in the first race and managed 6th place in the second. Nine days later, at the Norisring in Nürnberg, van Ommen failed to start in the first race and finished 13th in the second.

This was all the action this car saw in the DTM. Marko built this car themself with no support from AMG. The Marko team did however have factory support from AMG since 1988, but in 1989 AMG no longer could supply spare parts for the Evolution to Marko, the Austrian team had to go back to their old 2.3-16v, this was the end of the cooperation between AMG and RSM Marko.

The history after DTM is a bit vague.But it seems it was driven in the 1991 Spa 24h race by Heikki Salmenautio and Tom Langeberg. After this it seems to have ended up in eastern europe as a rally car, before coming back to europe in recent years.


Race Calendar
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Date Race Track Driver T-Car
1989-06-17 11-12 Nürburgring-Nordschleife* Jörg van Ommen No
1989-06-26 13-14 Norisring* Jörg van Ommen No
* indicates that this was the first and last race of the season that a car was entered in.

1991 Spa 24H