Year: 1992
VIN: 201-92-53
Model: Evo 2
Driver: Jacques Laffite
Team MS Racing, Castrol
This car was built in 1992 for the Mass-Schons team, it was raced by Jacques Laffite with start number 1. Laffite season was not very successful, he finished 13:th overall and his best single race result was 4:th place in the second race at Avus, Berlin.

In 1993 it seems that Manthey Motorsport recieved this car together with spare parts to race in the VLN-series at the Nürburgring. Olaf Manthey and Ulli Richter were very successfull with this car from 93-95. They did however race a Evo 2 in 1992 too, but i dont think its the same car.

For reasons not known this car ended up in France. Unfortunately for the owner this car is now stolen, and was last seen in Switzerland.

If you have any info regarding the whereabouts of this car please contact the owner:


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