Year: 1989
VIN: 201-89-01
Model: Evo 1
Driver: Roland Asch
Team MS-Racing, Jet
Probably driven by Roland Asch in the 1989 season. It was then probably driven by either Biela or van Ommen in 1990 and then converted to Evo 2 in 1992 and used as show-car for the Berlin 2000 team.

This car was imported to Sweden in the mid 90's by Anders Dahlgren, at that time it was still in it's Berlin 2000 show-car livery, but with the 93 graphics.

It was later sold to Håkan Malmborg who raced it from at least 1997-2002, then it was sold to Henrik Rosengren. It was later painted in a green/gold scheme in late 2001 or early 2002.

Henrik Rosengren started to compete in 2003 with this car, he is still the current owner.


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Håkan Malmborg 1997?-2003
Henrik Rosengren 2003-