Year: 1989
VIN: 201-89-03
Model: Evo 1
Team MS Racing, Jet
This car was on display at the Nürburgring Musuem until it closed down in 2008.

We know it was built in 89 but cant say who drove it, or if it was used as T-car. As far as we know, there were three MS Evo 1s built in 89.

It's currently owned by the Mercedes Classic Center in Fellbach, but not on display. From time to time however it has been taken out of storage for various events

As you can see on the most recent picture from the Nürburgring musuem, this car has start number 24, but 24 was not used any MS-Jet driver in 1990

In 1991 however, Jochen Mass, team owner of MS-Jet racing, started in at three races with start number 24. He did however use a Evo 2 car.

The AMG stickers above the headlights are also the new ´91 style, using the horizontal bars. In 1990 this logo lacked the bars.

All the tyre sponsor logos are Dunlop, in 1990 MS-Jet cars used Pirelli.
br> In 2013, the car was again taken out of storage to be part of a Mercedes 190E special event at the Carl Benz museum. For some reason the start number was changed to 4 instead of 24 and the driver name on the rear windows had R. Asch added. Since the car has it's 1990 livery, it does not however make sense to have Asch's name on the side. Asch didn't even drive for MS-Jet in 1990, he actually drove for Snobeck. And start number 4 was used by Opel driver Klaus Niedzwiedz.

However Asch did drive for MS-Jet in 1989 and he did use start number 4 in that year, which makes me think this is the car that Asch drove in 1989. It was at some poin updated to 1990 livery but the '89 chassis seem to be retained. Perhaps it was used as show-car for MS-Jet in 1991. But as far we know this is the only works Evo 1 still in it's original appearance.


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Nürburgring Musuem ????-2008
Classic Center Fellbach 2008-