Year: 1993
VIN: 201-93-60
Model: Klasse 1
Driver: Ellen Lohr
Team AMG, Berlin 2000
Ellen Lohr received this car in early August 1993, replacing her first Klasse 1 and raced it successfully throughout the season.

In 1994 Uwe Alzen used this car in the DTM season driving for Persson Motorsport. It was later sold to Sweden, Jonas Lundberg drove this car in the 1997 season of the Swedish Etab Data Cup series.

In 1998, Danish driver Henrik Larsen won the Spezial Tourenwagen Trophy in this car. Kurt Thiim used the car in the same series from 2000-2001, with Mercedes tuner Lothar Mich as team chief and owner.

In 2003 Dirk Lehn bought it and restored it, but not in its original livery. In 2005 it was raced in the VLN-series with start number 660 and driven by Kurt Thiim, Carsten Spengemann and Kai Pfister

In 2007 it was restored back to its 1993 colour scheme. Used frequently at track days in Germany.

Detailed chassis information regarding this vehicle has been provided by
Herr Bernd Ramler

Race Calendar
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Date Race Track Driver T-Car
1993-08-08 13-14 Diepholz* Ellen Lohr No
1993-09-12 17-18 Berlin Ellen Lohr No
1993-09-19 19-20 Hockenheim Ellen Lohr No
* indicates that this was the first and last race of the season that a car was entered in.
Detailed race-information has been provided by Herr Bernd Ramler

DTM 1993
DTM 1994
Etab Data Cup 1997
Spezial Tourenwagen Trophy 200
VLN 2005
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