Year: 1989
VIN: 201-89-15
Model: Evo 1
Driver: Fritz Kreutzpointner
Team AMG, Kärcher
Its a factory Evo 1 built in 1989, but recieved it's Wagenpass in March 1990. Before the last race of the 1990 season it was converted into Evo 2 spec. It does however have the early kind of rollcage, with the tilted main beam. Usually only found on 2.3-16v from 88-89, but also on the other Kärcher car, 89-14

It was first used in the AMG junior team by Fritz Kreutzpointner, but in the second race of the seaon at Hockenheim his car caught fire after leaking fuel set the car on fire.

His car was replaced with 89-12 and 89-15 was repaired and then used as T-car. For the last race of the 1990 season it was probably converted to Evo 2 spec. It was driven by Michael Schumacher in the last race of the season at Hockenheim and then used by South-African Sarel van der Merwe at the Kyalami Invitational Race in November 1990.

In 1993 it was used as show-car for Uwe Alzen of the Persson Motorsport team, in Komet livery.

This car was bought from Persson Motorsport in 1995 by the swede Anders Dahlgren, still in Komet livery, it was later sold to Eric Persson in 1996, he still owns it and have raced it quite successfully here in Sweden.

1993-1994 Persson Motorsport, DE
1995 Anders Dahlgren, Swe
1996- Eric Persson,Swe

Race Calendar
COMING SOON! The Race Calendar is a chronological listing of all races a particular car was entered to. If a race is missing that car was not entered or there is no data available.
Date Race Track Driver T-Car
1990-04-01 1-2 Zolder* Fritz Kreutzpointner No
1990-04-08 3-4 Hockenheim Fritz Kreutzpointner No
1990-05-20 9-10 Mainz-Finthen Yes
1990-06-03 11-12 Wunstorf Yes
1990-06-16 13-14 Nürburgring-Nordschleife Yes
1990-07-01 15-16 Norisring/Nürnberg Yes
1990-08-05 17-18 Diepholz Yes
1990-09-02 19-20 Nürburgring Yes
1990-10-14 21-22 Hockenheim Michael Schumacher No
1990-11-18 Kyalami Sarel van der Merwe No
* indicates that this was the first and last race of the season that a car was entered in.

DTM 1990
Eric Persson 1996-