A numerous roll-cage designs were made up to 1993, from the earliest bolt-in cages to the very advanced versions found in the '93 Klasse 1 cars.

The simplest kind of roll-cage found in 1988 was an aluminum bolt-in roll-cage. These were for example found in the IPS-built 2.3-16v (1). These cages seemt to have been made by German manufacturer Heigo.

AMG own cars had a very distinct feature on their 2.3-16v from 88-89, its easily identified by the leaning main beam, seen through the rear windows. Cages were built by Matter in Germany.

(1) 89 2.3-16v bolted cage. (2) 1989 2.3-16v Roll-cage.

2.5-16v Evo 1
1989 was the first year for the brand new Evo 1 car, and was introduced mid-season. AMG was still not the offical supplier of cars to the works-teams, so many different roll-cages design can be seen across the teams.

The MS-Jet team and AMG used pretty much the same type of rollcages, according to my researches basically the lower horizontal x-brace, which the MS-Jet cars lacked is the only difference (1,2). However, at least one AMG built car used the same kind of roll-cage design as the 2.3-16v cars from AMG (3), it's however very uncertain if this was actually used in the DTM or it was just used a show-car. It's featured a lot in german car magazines from 89. In 1990 however, two more cars with the 2.3-16v roll-cage design appears in the DTM. It's the two AMG built Kärcher cars. These cars are however built in 89 but not homologated before March 1990. So our guess is that these are body-shells thats been sitting in AMG workshop since early 1989.

In 1990 Snobeck Racing Service came up with a pretty unique new design for their team cars. Identified by the two forward leaning struts visible through the rear windows. I have not yet seen any contemporary photos or videos showing any other cars with this unique design.

(1) 89-90 MS-Jet cage. (2) 89 AMG cage. (3) 89-90 AMG cage.

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