A numerous of different calipers and disc sizes were used from 1988-1993, this is an attempt to list the different combinations used.

Brembo calipers seems to have been the choice for the AMG-built cars. They used 4-pot calipers both front and rear. Disc size were 332mm front, and 278 rear and ventilated. My sources points to the use of the same setup in both 1988 and 1989.

2.3-16v 1988 front brakes.

2.5-16v Evo 1
When the Evo 1 replaced the old 2.3-16v in mid 1989, numerous upgrades was made. Brakes however doesn´t seem to have changed very much. Calipers appears to be the same as before, 4-pot Brembos front and rear. Discs however seem to be 330/280 instead.

Evo 1 1989 Brembo front brakes.

2.5-16v Evo 2
When the Evo 2 appeared in 1990, new upgrades were made to the brakes. In 1990 6-pot calipers was introduced by AP Racing together with 355mm discs. At rear the same setup was probably retained with Brembo calipers. Brembo front calipers seem to have been available for the Evo 2 at least up to 1991, but only as 4-pot calipers, the model used was the X9.060 series, and probably only together with 332mm discs.

In 1991 the Evo 2 recieved a lot of new advanced features, for example ABS-braking was introduced. New AP Racing 6 pot front calipers (1) introduced, 355mm discs were still retained, for the rear 278 mm cross-drilled discs from Brembo or 280mm slotted discs from AP Racing. AP Racing calipers seems to have replaced the rear Brembos this year too, perhaps already in 1990

In 1992 the AP Racing caliper (2) was redesigned, now wearing a AMG plaque.

(1) Evo 2 1991 AP front brakes. (2) Evo 2 1992 AP front brakes.

Klasse 1
Im not sure if there were any differences in discs size for the Klasse 1, 6-pot calipers seems to be retained, even though the caliper seem to be redesigned (1).

(1) Klasse 1 front brakes, AP.

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